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Just Another Thug Lyrics
(feat. C-Murder, Jamo)

Say Mystikal(say Mystikal nigga)& MAC brah(Macadon)
Niggas on tha streets can't do but love niggas like us
Spittin' all that muthaf*ckin' real gangsta ass shit
We ain't playin' we mean what we say & say what we mean
I thought you know(I'm just another thug nigga) you know what I'm sayin'
That's all I'm makin' forever boy

I'm known for runnin' tha streets & makin' moneys in bundles
An niggas love me for that gangsta ass shit I be comin'
Because I'm TRU 2 Da Game
You niggas feelin' my name
An if you F*CK UP I'ma have them bullets pourin' like rain
You can't hide, I'm suicidal, it's very vital to yo health
That my muthaf*ckin' message is felt
Because I mean what I say & I say what I'm mean
An my dream is to seem like I'm swimmin' in green forever
An never fall or put my Tank on tha wall
An spit real shit & watch them niggas label 'em hits
Cause only TRU niggas last in tha game & get bigga
So what do you call yourself, I'm just another thug nigga
(I'm just another thug nigga)

[Chorus: Jamo & C-Murder]
You don't wanna f*ck with me(I'm justa another thug nigga)
I'm just(I'm just another thug nigga) another thug nigga
Oh you don't wanna f*ck with me
I'm just another thug nigga(just another thug yea yea)

(So who we do this for C)
I send this out thug niggas holdin' nikel bags on tha come up
Swollow 'em when them folks run up
We speakin' in tongues
To yall deep in tha slums
We strive for that 18-5
F*ckin' your dealers wives & shit
You livin' in yo project, pushin' yo Benzo on lorenzo's
Tossin' weed out tha tinted window
When you see po po
I'm loco like short bus riders
my mission was to chief that
An that's tha shit these niggas gotta respect
So respect that & pass tha weed away from cause I don't f*ck around
You don't wanna me high, ya see me buckin' niggas down
I hate niggas who hate me
So I'm a hater to a certain degree
But who wouldn't be, I'ma thug nigga

[Chorus x4]
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