Machine Gun Kelly - Warning Shot Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Warning Shot Lyrics
This is our warning shot ah ah
The final call
This is our warning shot ah ah
The final call
This is our warning shot ah ah
The final call, the final call
This is our warning shot ah ah
The final call

Came in no clout small bank and my big mouth
Small name but these big shots know just' what this kids bout
I said shit then I ment shit, corenor I dead shit
I treat hoes just like hoes that through bones go fetch shit
I'm pitbull, that x shit, that goin in at they neck shit
That we gon have a problem if I am not on the next shit
'Cause I wreck shit can't tame me I'm eminem and I'm jay z
I'm a renegade this rap shit me and all my boy like a-team
F*ck wrong with y'all this is my warning shot so I better see you ghost

Boy I'm from the c-l-e-v-e-l-a-n-d and I will be reppin that until I die
And you either with me or riding against me so lemme know put them l's up in the sky lace up

[Hook x2]

Call me the man, no better yet call me the kid
'Cause ain't nobody this young done what I did
'Cause ain't nobody this young go through the shit I went through these past couple years and lived.
Y'all suckers, hickey shit,
I'm a real rockstar nikki sixx
I'm minajin y'all jus watching got damn y'all nikki's bitch
Can the game get anymore corny?
Can the fame get anymore boring?
Can any lame y'all think is dope put out garbage and make it easy for me?
Is it possible for anyone to adore me,
Is it possible for anyone to record me
So I can address all the people that took my clothes, videos, songs and put em out before me
And it's impossible to die
Possibly to live with the endless lyrics? somebody call the paramedics
Somebody call the f*cking paramedics
Is it even possible to lack the academics to get the credit in the city and never spend a minute in a class
F*ck that kiss my ass, drink til it's pitch black roll it up let me hit it.

[Hook x2]

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