Machine Gun Kelly - The Morning After Voicemail... Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

The Morning After Voicemail... Lyrics
New messages... Hey yo Kells this is Puff man. A yo what the f*ck did y'all do to my crib last night man?! I lent you the keys for 24 f*cking hours, cause y'all mother f*cking nigga's got kicked out of all the hotels on the east coast. I'm trying to be a hospitable mother f*cker, I lend y'all the keys I come back to my house me and my chick and there ain't no mother f*cking front door man! What the f*ck did y'all do with the front door man!? Then I walk in the house me and her we thirsty been out all day want some mother f*cking Cîroc y'all nigga's drink up all the Cîroc. You got empty Cîroc bottles in my shit. At least throw the shits in the garbage, and then this is what takes the cake. When I was showing you the crib, you know I told you about my mother f*cking Corinthian white leather couch that cost me seventy five thousand dollar's from Florance Italy. Y'all mother f*ckers done tagged it up with a magic marker saying laced up! I don't know where the f*ck y'all think your at, y'all like some Bob Derrick Cleavland nigga's. Man y'all gotta have a little bit of class and pay some respect, this is Corinthian leather from Florence! Somebody done wrote laced up on that shit the only thing that's about to be laced up is my foot up one of your mother f*ckers asses! I'm madder than a mother f*cker and I will be deducting this Corinthian seve... End of message... New messages... Ya and don't think your getting away with that shit if I can't get this, magic marker out of my seventy five thousand dollar white Corinthian imported from Florence couch. I will be making sure that shit is recoup-able mother f*cker, but for real the only thing I'm really mad about is if y'all mother f*ckers would of been raging this hard you could have gave a nigga a mother f*cking heads up! So I could of stayed and raged with you cause if that's surely the way you rage I can't wait till I borrow your house I'm gonna burn that mother f*cker down man! I'm proud of y'all mother f*ckers for real this some real fly shit y'all have totally f*cked my house up! LACE UP BITCH! BAD BOY! EST! A yo mother f*cker bring my front door back.

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