Machine Gun Kelly - Rucker Park (Freestyle) Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Rucker Park (Freestyle) Lyrics
It was all a dream motherf*cker, 17 motherf*cker
Trying to ball like I'm playing on a team motherf*cker
Like Kareem motherf*cker, what it seems motherf*ckerer
Me, I'm out here winning, Charlie Sheen motherf*cker
On any given Sunday, Willie Bean motherf*cker
In the hood like Radio Raheem motherf*cker
Blowing good but this ain't no porch scene motherf*cker
This that smoke until your numb morphine motherf*cker
Because the life is a f*cking war scene motherf*cker
So much grimy shit, I'mma need quarantine motherf*cker
Aye and then maybe I can ride clean motherf*cker
Hit the ghetto in a black limousine motherf*cker
And how dare you ever judge me motherf*cker?
Paid my daughter's college fund with 16's motherf*cker
Baby mamas out here trying to Billie Jean a motherf*cker
But I'm on my trill shit, bring a Bun B for the rocker, nah I mean motherf*cker?

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