Machine Gun Kelly - Chasing Pavements Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Chasing Pavements Lyrics
Cleveland music!

"I made up my mind
Don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong or I'm right
Don't need to look no further
This ain't love...
Should I give up?
It leads no where
Even if I do nothing - should I leave today?
Should I give up?
Should I keep on chasing pavements? "

[Verse 1:]
Fall asleep until the dream comes
Motherf*ck reality
Happiness - I think I need some
So I overdose on fantasy
My life's euqation ain't complicated
Just a combination of hate is denominated as stated
No rest plus the cess and abuse to prescription meds
Times stressed equals out to be the motherf*cking mess that is... Kellz
A boy with no home
That's why you hearing the speakers through this song
Turn it up so loud the bass hits and
You can feel me when I'm gone
When I die, spread my message like the Qu'ran
Motherf*ckas gettin paid, I'm just tryna get saved
7 years of living crooked: I'm just tryna get straight
All the crack in my city even though these streets paved
Makes me wonder: should I let my life dreams wait?
Or should I:


[Verse 2:]
Bored out of my mind: I need a f*ckin job
They ain't hiring shit, that's why I f*ckin rob
Had to hustle cause unless you got them test scores
Colleges only come around here looking for Brett Favre
The next star, or if you 6'4''
And if you can pitch, but other than that you pitch raw
That's what I'm pissed for
Cause if you ain't worth a couple of dollars
These scholars is looking at you like "what do we need him for? "
I'm saying: just because I ain't Kareem
You tellin me I should give up on my dream?
You telling me I ain't shit cause I ain't working for degrees? Or on a team?
This country's flag is a joke
That shit should be painted green
Tell me when is currency valued over a human being?
When we stand for nothing, we falling for anything
EST for life and that's exactly what I'll scream
Misunderstood until they answer one thing:


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