Machine Gun Kelly - Champions Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Champions Lyrics
[Intro: Diddy]
Hey yo,
Ain't nobody left for us?
Last one standing
Lace up!
Black Flag!
Bad Boy, bitch!
Ay yo, it's lonely at the top
Ay yo Kells, Ay yo Kells you ready?
Ay yo Kells, get these motherf*ckers

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
All of y'all better wake up now
Everyone's a little late right now
Keep it real, I'm a little high
How the f*ck you gonna hate right now?
Remember my first single?
Chyea well it's doing great right now
Took a 5 hundred thou out the gate
Straight to the bank right now
Shit gets wicked in my city so I got a semi in the waist right now
Everybody f*ckin with me and if you ain't then you outta place right now
Everybody ain't real, everybody can't be us
Everybody stay losin, that makes us champions
I take that title, till they wave like that tidal
Introducin' me to Billie Jean, shit I'll take that Michael
Tryin bring the paper in, my paper thin like that Bible
That is how you win stackin Benjamins till it's big as the Eiffel

We are the champions my friends
And we'll keep on fighting till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions of the world.

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
I came straight from sellin' nickel bags
Out my baby mama pad just to get a meal
Straight from puttin similac in a Walmart bag tryin make a steal
Straight from burnin' 1 thousand CD's with my name on it
Opposite of what the game wanted, motherf*cker we just tryin' get a meal
Now the shaker grad boy, signed to the Bad Boy
But I ain't gettin cheesecake, no this ain't Making of the Band homeboy
Oh is that my bitch? God damn she Colombian homeboy?
Ever since I got some fans homeboy haters tryin' be my friends homeboy
Pull up in that tour bus everybody know what's going on in there
Backroom lotta panties droppin lotta pretty bitches pretty long hair
I'm a talk my shit, bitch I came in the game as rookie of the year
Blake griffin, Kyrie, Amare Stoudemire
Yeah and still couple people gotta problem with me at the hater magazine
I mean Fader magazine, tell the journalist to suck what's in my saggy jeans
Choke motherf*cker, choke man none of fans open up your f*ckin magazine
Lucky I don't have Jemermaine come up in your office and load up a f*cking magazine
Charlemagne don't like me, what's his name won't fight me
I'm a hype individual God damn it hype beats hype me
Maybe cause I wasn't a good kid in a M.A.A.D. city like Kendrick
I was just a little bad motherf*cker beggin landlords to be tenant
Beggin everyone to give my song a listen, tryin' get up out a shitty job position
Tryin' get a 24 karat gold toilet cause I never had a pot to piss in
But it's ok I'm still maintaining,
No no no man f*ck that, f*ck maintaining,
I'm tired of being humble
It's time to let these industry motherf*ckers know, man
I wake up and I see four MTV-awards on my dresser that I got this year
I'm rollin up J's as long as my f*cking shoe on a f*cking gold gold plat
Lace the f*ck up!

[Outro: Diddy]
Bad Boy
Lace Up
Black Flag
Never, never, never give up
We see you at the top, baby
We will be waiting there with a ice cold flask lemonade and Cîroc
And a couple of bad bitches inside the [?], cause that's how we do
If you make, you're welcome
Get down or lay down

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