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The One Inspiring With Fear Lyrics
I don't see the eyes; I don't see your world,
I don't ever know what your light is.
Time has stiffened in a stone, the night eternal.
I will never see the Dawn.
I don't see you and you can't see me as well
But I feel the world in the encirclement of shadows,
The world where exist not only ourselves
The world of other woods, rivers and fields.
Faces of those dark stars melted off,
Those I have lit behind this window,
Feeling in a twilight of the flaring eyes,
That are speaking to you about that -
How flaring by sensual flame of Knowledge
These Forces were absorbed by me,
Towering above herd of silent worms,
Accepting this fear from fire by myself.
They hated the Flame that's living in hearts,
But kindled fire under me.
The smoke dimmed my blind eyes,
Blind eyes will take you with themselves away.
I lit those houses by reciprocal Fire,
Where the lie installs to the souls of worms.
The hatred revived of ones burned down completely,
Hatred burns stronger from within.
The one inspiring by fear.
Pain, Suffering.
Fear, Despair.
Hatred, Horror, Death.
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