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M8l8th Lyrics

Scent Of Blood Lyrics
The red sun, the black sky
Burns my back, ears and eyes.
The wood grants me the cold and luxury,
Blood is granted to me by the night dew.
Night's shine of the stellar sky,
The moon tears my soul apart,
By one more night of a bloody snow
The twilight in the wolf land will be filled.
I was just a human one year ago,
But god-werewolf presented me the force of woods,
I knew but didn't trust that
I'll stay in the pack of wolves once and for ever
Blood's smell lights up the road for me.
I try to appease my thirst.
I come back to the native threshold in darkness,
Just to fall on it and to sob.
But nobody will see my tears already,
I'm running in the dark not feeling my foots.
I cry with the blood when I just recollect the one
Who has taken out the blade from a stub at that nightÂ…
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