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By The Wing Of Black Lyrics
The sun shines as fire on chain armours,
And morning air is crystal-clear.
Bloodred boards will block this field
Under a rustle of trees and the singing of wind.
Trees will cover our backs with foliage,
Without fear we wait, when the moment will come -
When the sky will call for our souls,
And clear morning will present us eternity.
Our enemy is insignificant, damned by the sky,
Empty souls are standing in front of us
Now I see the gloom of your eyes
Gloom that hides in souls for years.
Sights are full of destructive will,
The confusion fills your hearts,
The body will be filled with a burning pain,
The pain will finish it all
" I see the raven, he has waved by the black wing
And has risen above white eagle.
I see how they have risen to the sky,
How feathers strewed, how claws were plaited .
Eagle wings are stronger than raven’s ones,
Eagle claws are sharper than raven’s.
And the raven falls, the eagle wined,
He sat on a rock and praised the victory
But the raven has recovered, has soared up on a rock
And he inflicts well-aimed impact to an eagle
Raven’s beak - the warrior’s sword,
He cuts down a head from the eagle’s shoulders. "
The warrior falls into embraces of death,
Sing the song and only white smoke,
Aspiring to heavenly open spaces,
Ascends above him smoking silvery.
He’ll soar up to heavenly halls,
Where the fathers meet of sons,
Having left the burning down world behind a threshold,
The left world of extinct fires.
And warrior, having embraced the Land parting,
Will merge with the sky, will fall asleep by eternal dream,
And the gloomy wanderer, a dark raven
Will close his eyes by the wing of black!!!
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