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M8l8th Lyrics

Beyond The Twilight Lyrics
I'm with you,
I'm yours completely,
I became the soil.
I am raised above vaults of crones
And I'm merging with the Cosmic Darkness,
I'm falling to the bottomless dream.
Where are
The radiant sky and fields,
Pure blood of Forefathers,
Sparkling snow and that dawn?
What for the deadman
Torments your soul
Already one thousand years?
Answer me, Great Russland!
Aryan Glory, Aryan Pain,
Aryan gods lead us themselves
Let the scum feel - how strongly
Anti-christian fire burns in me and you.
Let the poisoned world will shudder
And those who has made it such.
The Sun will roll with a new force,
Fields and the rivers - them all become mine again...
Beyond the twilight!
The shining glacial face of the skies
Winter night has covered by itself,
Has embraced by crystal - black darkness,
Has pulled out soul and merged with me.
The Sun will shine through the gloom again
Just to rule above this Land!
I feel this fire, it breaks me off on pieces, I'll became nothing because of this fire, and at the very same time it'll merge myself with the crystal-clear sky, it'll rise me above the clouds covered with Sacred Silver that proceeds from our Aryan hearts, whose destiny is to rule over this Land and to merge with it in our last moment. Beyond The Twilight.
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