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America Lyrics
John, Christine is still with us Christine is dead, Laura Of course, of course,
I know but, you know the two ladies in the restaurant?
Well, they were watching us while we were eating.
They kept staring at us, they told me this because they could see sitting between us they could see
Christine sitting between us This is two people who we don't even know Listen, listen now.
There's one who's blind, she's the one that can see, she's the one who had the second sight,
and she, she's blind and she described to me Christine's red plastic mac Laura John Laura Listen,
I'm perfectly all right. In fact I haven't felt as good as this in months and months, I feel really fine.
I don't need pills, I'm not going crazy, I feel really great
When did the doctor say you can leave? Any time, I only fainted
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