Lil' Wyte Lyrics

Lil' Wyte Lyrics

From the Album The Bad Influence (2009) (buy at

Some Other Shit
All Stops
I Say Yes
Leanin' Off Dat Yurple
One Lil Pill
I Rep Mine
I'm Da Bad Influence
Oxy Cotton
Supply & Demand
George Bush
Get Gone
So Called Homies
That's What It Is

From the Album Credit When Credit's Due (2008) (buy at
Credit When Credit's Due
My Cadillac

From the Album The One And Only (2007) (buy at

The One And Only
We Aint Kool
I Got Dat Candy
Thats Whats Up
Talkin' Ain't Walkin'
Get High
It's On
Feelin Real Pimpish
Get Wrong
Choppa On Da Back Seat
Gettin Money Boy
Got'm Lookin
F*cked Up
Do It Fluid
Dat Boy
Gun Do Da Talkin'

From the Album Phinally Phamous (2004) (buy at

I Sho Will
Static Addict
Smoke My Dro
Hoods Run Down
By 2 Da Bad Guy
I Did 'Em Wrong
My Cutlass
Look Like You
U.S. Soldier Boy
Drinking Song
Bay Area
Bald Head Hoes
Acid 2004/5
Everybody Gettin Crunk
Possie Song

From the Album Doubt Me Now (2003) (buy at

Doubt Me Now
Blame It On Da Bay
We Ain't Playin'
Zero Tolerance (F*ck Them Laws)
Shit Faced (Skit)
In Here
Players In Da Atmosphere
My Smokin' Song
I Know You Strapped
Good Dope
Com'n Yo Direction
Oxy Cotton
In the Streets
Drop It Off
Don't Take Those (Skit)
Crash Da Club (Remix)
Ten Toes Tall
Death & Life (Skit)
Homicidal, Suicidal
Get High To This
The Replacement (Outro)

Other Songs:
I Sho Will (Remix)

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