The Payback Lyrics by Lil Rob

Lil Rob Lyrics

The Payback Lyrics
[Lil' Rob]
Time for the payback ese
And I don't give a f*ck about your f*ckin ass
Chrome to the dome and this crazy vato's not afraid to blast
You wanted pedo pero there was something
Homey that you just didn't realize
That you're f*ckin with the vato that will go insane
And buck you right between the eyes
You wanted to start some pedo
But you didn't know that the shit will never end
You f*cked with the wrong vato
Now it's time for your leva's end
The payback

[Chorus x2]
Everyone knows I've been trying
To get you back and I'm not lying

So you vatos thought I was gone right?
But I ain't one to go out like no punk ass little bitch leva
And since I'm back on the f*ckin block
You best believe I'm hardcore
Much harder than before leva
So keep trucha for that payback

[repeat chorus till fades out]
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