Fxxkin Wit My Bizziness Lyrics by Lil' Rob

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Fxxkin Wit My Bizziness Lyrics
[Lil Sicko]
As I pull out the strap and get ready to kill
Seeing you on the floor, is my big f*cking thrill
Trying to kill me again, HA, don't make me laugh
What made your ass think that our business would last?
Trying to f*ck with my money, when I treated you cool
But you didn't know your f*ckin' with this crazy ass fool
18 years old, and a baller for life
Never forget that night, that I f*cked your wife
Trust a g with my kilo, I gave you stack's of c-notes
Pimped road in the lex, then we lounged on speed road
When you needed some men, you knew I was always there
And you needed days off, but I really didn't care
We came really tight, and I had you around
To the f*ckin' day, I was missin' a pound
F*cking bitch thought I was a clown
Then turn around, pop goes the strap, and your body was found

See I lost one, and you found one
Now they knowing your a bitch
Because you caught one
Now I'm knowing that you won't forget this (why)
That's what you get, for f*ckin' with my bizzness

[Lil Blacky]
When we were youngster's, we would fight over the same girl
She had some juicy lips in a sparkle of a plural
I like her lot, but she wanted from me
Is a year older, you always have more chances then me
But I was in a raza, and I had a lotta ridges
Always taken back with three, four, or five bitches
But I got stuck, with an old ass hag
That was gettin' very ugly, and always on her rag
And you a guy, you was so tough
Kick it back with your lady, but you ain't even crazy
Now your jealous, and I'm winnin' this game
I'm a playa for life, and Imma push you in shame
Who da blame but your self, through sickness and in wealth
This I will tell, now tell me what the hell

Now what?...F*ckin' bitch
Lil Sicko, Lil Blacky, Hectic one doing this shit

Chorus 2x

You f*cked up, when you turned on me
Became a rata, now your d-i-e
We pulled mission's and always got away
Makin' stack's of bill's, that will make our day
We split it, and we made a profit
No one ever stopped it, why you f*ckin' jockin'?
It's me? the one and only Hectic
Sit back, respect it, as I f*ckin' wreck it

Chorus 4x
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