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From the Album Love And Hate (2009) (buy at

Make You Say
Lay You Down

From the Album Twelve Eighteen, Pt. 2 (2008) (buy at
Twelve Eighteen, Pt. 2
Bring It Back
Slow It Down
Leanin' On The Weekend
Brown Side
Let's Go
Let Me Come Back
Bang Bang Boogie
Fast Life
Microphone Rippin
Cortez Shoes
Stuck With You
Do It
Just One Of Those Days
Stick Up
Fanmail (Fye Bonus Track)

From the Album Uncut For The Calles: Mextape Volume Uno (2007) (buy at
Uncut For The Calles
Mi Vida Loca (Cisco Kid Flow)
Cinco De Mayo
Truth Or Consequences
Form The Sd To H-Town
Three Amigos
What You See
Got Weed
Get Your Feria
Lil Rob's In The House
West Coast Ridaz
Get Back
Bring It Back
Nasty Rock
Hard Times

From the Album Twelve Eighteen Part I (2005) (buy at

My Turn
Summer Nights
Back In The Streets
What Am I Saying
Ooh Baby Baby
Bring Out The Freak In You (Expicit)
Rough Neighborhood
No Future In It
I Who Have Nothing
I'm Still Here

From the Album Gangster Classics (2005) (buy at
Gangster Classics
I Like The Way You Love Me

From the Album Neighborhood Music (2004) (buy at

I'm Still Riding Like That
Neighborhood Music
Can We Ride
Back Up
Just One Of Your Kisses
I Know How It Feels
It's My Life
What Can I Do
Boo Hoo Hoo

From the Album The Last Laff (2002) (buy at
Front, Back, Side To Side
Naughty Boy
So Many Styles
That's When I'll Stop
The Last Laff

From the Album The Album (2002) (buy at

(Intro) They Call Me Lil Rob
Barely Getting By
Brought Up In A Small Neighborhood
Brought Up in a Small Neighborhood [West Coast Mix]
Call The Cops
City That Everyone Knows
Drinking on My Driveway
Hey There Ms. Brown
I Remember
Keep It Real
Linda Mujer
Saw You On The Dance Floor
School Days
Street Dayz

From the Album Can't Keep a Good Man Down (2001) (buy at
Can't Keep a Good Man Down
Can I Get A Twenty
Can't Keep a Good Man Down
Forever Live My Name
Intro (Can't Keep a Good Man Down)
La Cantina (Remix)
Naughty Boy
New Drug
Peek A Boo
Rolas In Progress
San Diego
Side 2 Side
Sureno Blues
The Other Side
When I Do What I Do
When I Stop

From the Album Still Smokin' (2000) (buy at

Fxxkin Wit My Bizziness
Go Head
I Remember
I'll Kill You
Leva, Leva, Leva, Leva Die
Mexican Gangster, Pt. 2
Still Smokin' (Supermix Part 1)
Str8 Jackin'
Take To The Sky
U Can't C Me
Wicked, Wicked, Wicked

From the Album High Till I Die: Remix 2000 (2000) (buy at

High Til I Die
I Remember
La Cantina
La Cantina (Remix)
Let Me Try
No Foy de Ti
No One To Depend On
The Outcome
Those Who Talk (2000 Remix)
Wickie Wicked [Mixdown]

From the Album Natural High (1998) (buy at
Natural High
The Outcome
Natural High
La Cantina
If You Should Loose Me
Those Who Talk
No One To Depend On

From the Album Crazy Life (1997) (buy at

Do My Thing
Jump In The Ride
If You Should Loose Me
Stop, Look & Listen
The Payback
Shells Stackin' Up
Brown Crowd
Mexican Gangster
Pachucos Night
Somethin' 2 Relate 2
Soy Chingon
Oh What A Night

Other Songs:
4 Corner Room
A Whole Lotta Hatin'
All I Want Is You (From "Down for LIfe" Soundtrack)
Barely Gettin' By
Crazy Life
Daddy's Home
Forver Live My Name
Form Dago to L.A.
F*ckin Wit My Bizzness
Go Ahead
High Till I Die
Lost In Love With You
Mexican Gangster Southside Rules Ya Cornbreads
Mexican Gangter 2
Mi Barrio Loco
My Chick
Natural High
Naughty Bow
No Soy De Ti
School Dayz
So What You Wanna Do
Somethin' To Relate To
Somthing 2 Relate 2
The Last Laff
The Truth
The Villains in Blue
Those Who Talk
Those Who Talk (2000 Remix)
U Can't See Me
Vatos N Thebarrio
Wickie Wicked

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