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Lil Durk Lyrics

O.T.F. Lyrics
I can't trust myself, OTF
But this is what I rep, OTF. (That's GBE)
Niggas can't get right, so they get left. (So they get left)
It's nothing else but OTF. (That's GBE)
Only the family in my eyes, that's OTF
And we is not a game, we just here. (We just here)
Everybody claimin' OTF. (That's GBE)
We OTF, bitch. We OTF
L-L-Let's get it

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
Everyday I like to bake, I need cake
Real niggas with me, they ain't fake
Cool niggas, cool with the jakes
The mac that I got a take his face
No shells, I'm a do 'em with the eight
Niggas sweet, on my life, I call 'em cake
I got thirties on thirties with a K
Movie clips, I be shootin' like I'm Zae
Everywhere I go, they be knowin' my name
They be screamin' L's and screamin' bang
Everywhere I go, they be knowin' my name
They be screamin' L's and screamin' bang


[Verse 2: Lil Reese]
These niggas can't get right so they get left
I be ballin' out the gym, don't need no help
I be swaggin' to the max, I swag myself
I'm a hitta, like Lil Durk, invented that
Mouth duck taped, I neva rat
For that bread, I go bananas, I go ape
All my niggas global now, outter space
I ain't doing shit for free you gotta pay
She gone f*ck for free, anyway
And I only want the top, that mean yo face
I can't trust a soul, get 'em out my face
I'm a savage for that green, need cake


[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
I'm on the block and my name hold weight
Where I'm from, late night, it ain't safe
F*ck a op, dot cops, niggas snakes
Rachael Ray on my waist, I'm tryna bake
Movie clips with uzi, one take
My life a movie, I be livin' what I say
Rat niggas them the ones behind the tape
Snitch niggas them the ones behind the jakes
On my wrist, it's an Audemar
I'm ballin' hard, I'm with all the stars
OTF, bitch, we some stars
Foreign bitches say we got some awesome cars

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