Lil Durk - Oh My God Lyrics

Lil Durk Lyrics

Oh My God Lyrics
Lost so many niggas, Oh my God
A lot of killin where I'm livin, Oh my God
Keep it pistols, can't be victims
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God
Oh my God, oh my God
Put Vellanos on the whip, Oh my god
When I first seen a brick, Oh my god
Been through a drought, never again
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God
Oh my God, oh my God

[Verse 1]
Oh my God, Lord save me, Amen
Oh my God to who raised me, streets
The drugs the streets raised me,
Cuz I wanted diamonds like Jay-Z
Oh my god, who I'm beefin' with
Cuz beef, I'm plotting who I'm eating with
Dirty bitch go suffer who you cheated with
Run up on you, leave you quick
Oh my God, O.M.G ain't no ho in me
I grew up off of coke and D
Boyz N Da Hood, No Jody Breeze
Catch me in the hood, that's where I want to be


[Verse 2]
Can't drop my flag, I did to much to get it
These niggas pussy O.M.G they bitches, they snitchin
Free my big brother Reggie
Cuz I was in the room when they tried to sentence
Rather throw up L's, then take a L
Cuz niggas ain't the same, niggas will tell
Out of town niggas, or send it through the mail
Oh my god, I ain't seen a lot of shit
Daddy, he taught me all this shit
They gave him life on all this shit
That's why I'm learning all this shit, Lets get it

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