Lil Durk - Murder Team Lyrics

Lil Durk Lyrics

Murder Team Lyrics
Blah blah blah
Let's get it (squad)
Shout out to my team man

I won't be the victim, all my niggas killin'
We gon' turn up on you wit em'
Throw your sets up, please don't forget
We the murder team
Murder team, murder team [x4]
War with the set gon' get you whacked
Ain't no sneak dissin' comin' where you at
Ain't no talkin' bro, bangin' with the Tec
It's a murder scene
Murder team, murder team [x2]
We the murder team, murder team [x2]

Call, what the Mac gon' say Nae
Doin' that got the police wanna trace names
Free bro and that lil boy got great aim
Roll with us over Twitter and Facetime
Never again nigga pussy don't shoot
He forfeit bro into a nigga, police all on the case
First 48, shorty wait
Shorty jam when I'm talkin' to the state
He get out Ima take it to another state
ATL, NYC, MIA or LA, even the Bay (even the Bay)
Outta all the alphabets I want that K (why)
Shot him down, murder team not a sound
Police come, I'm not around
I ain't here, I'm outta town
Grab the Tec, I'm outta bounds
Don't get hit with these underground snitches
Don't f*ck wit em', I really don't f*ck wit em'
And I really don't trust niggas
Got my team, so I'm really sayin', "f*ck niggas"
So f*ck niggas
I peep him, I got it, I'm on him
I'm tweakin' for thinkin' he post
Green, bling, or red whatever, I'm on him
Homicide clean him up with his moments
Let's get it!

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