Lil Durk - Chiraq (Remix) Lyrics

Lil Durk Lyrics

Chiraq (Remix) Lyrics
[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
Niggas say me and Sosa beefin' but we both eatin', but only one keep it
Told Law he take 15 years, every crime we did we gon Keep It Secret
Can't Tweet Teyana corporate nigga lookin, so what I'm on I gotta Keep It Secret
That face no Stevie no Mimi, I promise Teyana that I won't leak it
Gripped the 30 just cashed out, if you caught stripping, then you assed out
I'm the same nigga that my city asked about while you in the cut steady buying clout
F*ck the judge, let 9 out, hairpin trigger, let 9 out
Four birds in the trap like
4 wings at Harold's with fries covered in mild sauce
Everytime a nigga rap beef, get clapped up in a couple weeks
IG comments and a couple tweets, location on we can go and meet
Headshot, I'm outta town, I'm in Killadelphia with my nigga Meek
Pop a wheelie in N-Y-C I got the 30 on with my nigga, Flee
Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, tell them thot bitches I'm not right
Tyga only got one name but that nigga ain't got one stripe
He backpack, so easy to get the nigga shit snatched
Ask Marly Marl to get his shit back
In Chiraq, don't come here
You ain't from here? Don't come here!
Cause shorty snipin', bag on him if he don't like this
No Young Chop, that .40 bangs, just like him
30 punch like Tyson
Back to the rap flow, hot shit
F*ck I gotta rap for, got bricks
Every city I go, got sticks
Pockets Wells Fargo, no bricks
Say I'm on top now, no shit
You can never say I, wife shit
I don't even like shit
I just pipe shit
One night shit
LA with killas and thuggers
New York SlowBucks them my brothers
A-T-L with Migos and Young Thugger
We gonna shoot up in public
And they gotta urge to take
Chiraq, look at the murder rate
500 dead bodies, better go and get money 'fore you be on first 48

[Verse 2: OTF NuNu]
I started rappin these niggas hatin'
They mad as hell and I ain't even made it
Only real niggas
My niggas hitters
They drilling shit with no conversation
Got a hand gun shooting chopper shells
You can try to run bet you won't make it
You in love with hoes, I'm in love with money
That's the only time you can catch me cakin'
O-T-F we a empire
We blowing up, It's a domination
Got hitters for your hitters
My niggas be with it
Money on my mind so i gotta go get it
Niggas want war? they can start, I'm gonna finish
Gotta keep my shells no time for a witness
Tweak with the squad that's bad for your buisness
Guns like the army we something like a menace
Mixing that lean I'm something like a chemist
And I started from the bottom
From the Rags to the Riches
Snitching on the guys, you'll die, f*ck stitches
Got wholes in the tec, I ain't worried about glitches
Straight from the gutter in the hood of the trenches
Play with the gang, f*ck wet, I'm gonna drench you
Running this game first down, couple innings
Got a motherf*cking broom never did like witches (4x)
Real niggas sign up
Broke niggas band
Bitch this Chiraq
Where yo ten year niggas might f*ck around and switch up
Where that twitter beef will get a nigga killed so if you talking shit, strap up
Where a lot of niggas wanna tote the strap but when it's drill time they won't bust
Got blood all on my loafers
Them guns cocked for them roaches
I'm turning up, making boss moves, got music all on Pandora
This our year and you know it
My cars came with a chauffeur
We smoking leaves, no clovers
And them fried niggas expose them
My pistol on me, don't touch me
Finessing game so don't trust me
Them bullets hit him, they skinned his head
Better thank God you got lucky
Double cup, can't see the ice
So you know my shit a lil muddy
Christian Lewis about fifteen hundred
So you know the bottle a look bloody
OTF we the money team
A couple boss niggas getting money
Bro-ski yea used to torch the Opps can't believe they took Jay money
Can't trust bitches, I know the game
They do anything for that money
Bitch this Chiraq, not the windy city
Where we catch you off and it get ugly

[Verse 3: Edai]
Six Hundred shit
Man I really spit about situations I live nigga
When I was seventeen I grabbed the seventeen
And I took the block from my big niggas
Its some niggas around me that act real
But I ain't never seen one real nigga
A lot of rap niggas around me signed
Trying to turn me up so I can get bigger
So it's f*ck them
You got a chain, better tuck it
I was posted up on that block nigga
It was war time, it was busting
Niggas play that role on that Instagram straight cuffing
Its f*ck a bitch, I don't love her
And if I love the bitch I don't trust her
She suck me up with no sucker
On six hundred no duckin
Ain't sneak dissing on nobody
But when I was in the field they wasn't, sucka
Ride up on a opp's block
And catch a nigga with they pants down
Knew Lil Jay ain't want war
I heard the lil nigga dance now
Grew up in them projects
Then I jumped straight on that block shit
Ridin around with Cdai and Rondo they on hot shit
Know a couple rappers that rap about it
But they ain't never really shot shit
Say they manning up and they bandin up
Them card crackers get got quick

[Verse 4: Lil Herb]
Know a couple niggas that's down to ride
For a homicide when it's drama time
Run up on a nigga with the llamas flyin'
Leave his loved ones all traumatized
One-fifty I'm really with it
I'll drop his ass and then forget it
I'm the man round my side of town
Might see a bitch and forget I hit it
I'm a young nigga I be gettin' money
Take your bitch from you
And these niggas don't get no respect
I'ma stay 100 till I'm 6 under
Matter fact I gotta keep it 150
For every nigga that's gon' come with me
I'm on Roc Block with a new semi and a blue Bentley it do 160
Smoke a lot a of weed
Like f*ck kidneys, put a dutch in me
Got a 40 on me, I don't trust any
And if any nigga ever try to end me
I'ma die shooting prayin' God forgive me
You too busy hating you can't get no paper, why are y'all so silly?
Straight killers I can call so many
I don't love no bitches but my mom, my sister, and my gun and Nicki
I'm in Hollywood came from Kingston Food
Shorties standing in the streets with tools
Where I'm from we don't play no games
Ain't no April fools, you will make the news
Where I hang we don't say no names
If you talk to cops I stay away from you
Keep your mouth shut in them investigations
You'll be out the station in a day or two
Dedication and a little patience
Lead to domination on my way to greatness
Don't put yourself up in a situation
Puttin' my relations in your conversations
Shoot a opposition with no hesitation
You get my position then you better take it
Know some young bulls from a while back
Tryna leave the game but they never made it
I got old shit, killin' your shit
On a couple tracks I just never played it
Pussy nigga you don't want war
I got old clips bitch I'm Baron Davis
Pussy nigga you don't want war
I got old clips bitch I'm Baron Davis
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