Lil Durk - B.O.N. (Big Ol Nigga) Lyrics

Lil Durk Lyrics

B.O.N. (Big Ol Nigga) Lyrics
It's your boy Lil Durk man
King of Chicago man
This is not a diss..

[Verse 1:]
Caught a new case and shit, made me look basic
Police want names, cause I done made it
Don't f*ck with my niggas, they left a nigga hanging
Free Zoo and free DD, hardbodies don't say shit
Don't be from Mubu, this rap shit is fufu
(We don't rap beef, nigga!)
Catch me on Normal, with Twin he a loose screw
(My niggas go nuts!)
These niggas is snitching, we callin' em blues clues
They telling the police, giving em loose clues
I f*ck with the Migos, but I am not Capo
Sipping on purple, I'm feeling like harpo
(I'm sippin' on act!)
These niggas want war, knock meat out his taco
For that beef with our team , we shooting like porno
Shots out of Chiraq, born central city
Now I'm in LA, eating shrimp with Diddy
My daddy got booked with some books and a couple of millis
The next deal I sign is gonna be for a couple of millis
I don't rock Gucci, I just like Louis V
That swipe shit is cool, but you will not Woochie me
How you gone wife her, she just gon' do the team
You stick to the smokes and the molly, I'mma do the lean
Shout out to B.O.N., I'm talking 'bout Bump and 'nem
You diss on Chiraq, you is not coming here
(Better ask them niggas)
You so GDK, now you a thug again?
You so BDK, now you a thug again?
With these Birdman I feel Rich Homie like Thug and them
(Like Rich Gang)
How you feel today, and thinking we plugging him
And I lost a couple niggas that I can't hug again
But I seen a couple niggas I cannot mug again
Shout out to Def Jam, No I.D. 'nem
Homicide on the scene, no I.D. him
(Took off his face with this 40!)
Sipping on lean, my IV Kit
They look at IG, they wanna be him
I call up D Thang, he dress a nigga up
Call up Ready Boy, po' lean in my cup
I call up Aiki Mikey, he shooting shit up
They talkin' bout Durk, he picking shit up
F*ck all that eating shit, I'm with this beef shit
I use a lot of autotune, but I'm with this street shit
(Ask all the opps!)
I bang like Chop, but I'm on my Keef shit
(I'm f*ckin' with him right now!)
Take a nigga down, but we will not keep shit
Shout out to 4-6, shout out to Dog Pound
Shout out to 300, they will not make a sound
Niggas be tweaking, I know they 'gone hate us now
If Kobe leave league, there ain't no Lakers now
Take me out of Chiraq, like Jordan off the Bulls
How you the king of Chiraq you ain't got no pull
And these niggas throwing L's like these niggas loyal (These niggas ain't loyal at all!)
These niggas say they got your back but they ain't for you
I'm a big ol nigga
I'm a big ol nigga

Aye Nuski gang man RIP man
Free Rondonumbanine
Aye this my city nigga, gang
Cause I'm a big ol nigga
I weigh 150 solid ya hear me I'm still a big nigga, nigga
Aye my feature price cost these niggas rent for a year man
I pay you niggas shit up
Nuski got the strap December 15 nigga, gang
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