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It's A Set Up Lyrics
Let's do it doggs, ring ding dong
Bitch (aha, aha), bitch (yeah what what what what what?)
Beeitch (set up, set up, set up), beeitch (it's a set up)
What they're doing? they're trying to...

They're trying to set me up, they're trying to set me up
They wanna set me up, they wanna set me up
They're trying to set me up, they're trying to set me up
They're trying to set me up, but check it out

This is it, call it how you wanna call it
Brawling, call in the headhunter, start headhunting
How do you want it? i said we could spread arms
Bust and stare, you wanna snatch a life, is that right?
Wanna-get-rich ass nigga, snitch ass nigga
Fake switch bitch ass nigga, up-in-to-get-lynched ass nigga
Ain't nothing to it, raw doggs doing the lynching, master assassins
Henchmen, the whole world's against me (f*ck 'em)
It's a million to one, kurupt with one gun
And a whole backyard of ammo
Dump these lumps in nigga's backs like a camel
Get torn and worn just like sandals, now his willy came to an end
You see that nigga he ride with, do him in
This nigga's so sweet, he got my girl to set me
Got her with the tech to tack me and disconnect me
There's no (??) when you're playing russian roulette
They're trying to catch me, lay me down and sketch me
Young gotti, (??)
Bringing the whole f*cking entourage of murderous minds
I don't know who rides with a mental dome, who will and who won't
Trust me, they all wanna bust me, it's a set up

I don't give a f*ck who you bring to the table
And i don't give a f*ck who you got with you
You played me, you're kane and i'm abel
Now the ammo drops, watch 'fore the glock hits you (it's a set up)
Don't you know? you f*ck around with death sentinel
If you didn't learn you'd better start learning (it's a set up nigga)
Aiming, bust and hit your left and you're cold
That's how motherf*ckers get murdered

Hit the (??), f*ck a sun roof, this car is dirty
Dirty dirty buster, dirty motherf*ckers
Holler at the big homie slop (what up slop? what's up y'all?)
Hit me on the hip, hit it quick on the dick
Get this rap slapped in the clip
You see this black nigga, you'd better duck him
Thorough, in every neighborhood and borough, like motherf*ck 'em
Yeah you know me, oh you wanna show me a thang or two
How y'all do, nigga show me, creep through slowly
Friction, i can feel it all around me, my intuition
La gangbang mentality got me on a violent spree, violently
Busting, dusting niggaz off silently
I ain't even trying to be what i can be or could handle
But niggaz trying to make me an example
Go over to the west (to the west), niggaz wanna feud
Go back to the east (to the east), niggaz wanna feud
I'm 'bout to go to the north and south to see, what,
Are y'all niggaz on that same f*cking bullshit, cuz? (i don't know)


It's a set up motherf*cker, what, it's a set up
I'm tired of these bitch ass niggaz, it's a set up nigga

Can't help it, hoes come through
Me set, i know 'em, they're out to set me
They wanna get me, get the homies
The rainstorm's coming and every motherf*cker's trying to wet me
Yo it's unforgettable, no you can't touch me
Clutch me like a mic, and do just what you like?
Hell no nigga, even though you dislike me
You wanna be just like me, niggaz they despite me
See all the homies, i make loot like spike lee
Dozens, rolling through with me, my homies and my cousins
I give a f*ck nigga, i could stay busting
And still rock it right, and hit the spotlight
Shine bright, these fake ass niggaz, snake ass niggaz
Earthquake ass niggaz, i shake these niggaz
Shake ass niggaz, thinking you can come through all the time
Wanna f*ck with kurupt, i just sit, prepare the rhyme
Now i'm all about the cash nigga
Thinking you could come through
You got your heater cocking on busts you just flashed nigga

[Chorus (2x)]

What? attack assassins, huh
Just ask the homie d, he rides with me
Just ask the homie snoop, s-n-double o-p, he rides with me
Just ask my big homeboy, my big homie, he rides with me
Huh, ask 'em all, they ride with me
Top doggs, d-o-double g's, they ride with me
Ask my homie big (??), he rides with me
Ask the big homeboy b, he rides with me
And the homie d, slop, what? they ride with me
Big c, he rides with me
Big tray d rides with me
Big sean d rides with me
Big breez, he rides with me
K-u-r-u-p-t, beeitch!
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