Kodak Black - Str8 Bars Lyrics

Kodak Black Lyrics

Str8 Bars Lyrics
Project baby
Aw man I forgot where my head went
God damn, lost the top in my coupe again
Got a playground in my neck nigga my chain swang
Got 3 models they all wearing the same thang
Pull up, throw my keys to ya nigga valet park
You can't even crank my shit up, it's push to start
She say Kodak you get on my damn nerves
and I say butch you got on my dick first

My pinky rang bout bigger than my head is
And all yall looking down at my fingers when I said dis.
My top flew off my shoes same color as my whip
These diamonds round my wrist same color as my bitch
She yellow bone, she like lol
You hear dat smell it's so loud turn it down...
She like lol you hear dat smell it's so loud u get it now


Never know how I'm coming they just know I'm coming
they just know when I pull up they just know I'm stunting
Kodak and you know dat, they f*ck wid me before rap
I been had swag before rap I run the game n u know dat
Never know Til I appear
VVS diamonds so clear
I get in you niggas career
True religion jeans on my rear
She say Kodak you get on my damn nerves,
I'm so fly I be shittin on mocking birds

I'm reloaded, my wrist frozen
The kid golden, the streets chosen
I'm back at it, it's lil black at it
Hopped in the booth these cameras on me like a jack rabbit
Ow I count up no mathematics, ow, I'm so fly no arabatic,
I'm so high and you niggas know I'm dat guy,
money longer than Pinocchio nose nigga I won't lie


Mm I got it now they know I got it.
I run the game you niggas lame, wanna battle me I doubt it
lol Kodak kolly, I ride foreign.
You niggas boring see for bottoms I blow it
I'm flowin f*ck these hoes only need Em for the moment
Just f*cked da booth that bitch be wet she be super Soakin
She say Kodak you just thank you everything
Make it rain in the club so the storm lookin out yo window pain
Best box I'm classic no reebok
Yo girl sat on this dick and she caught sit lock I meant dat why should I joke
Take note to these lyrics I wrote
Somebody call the mechanic man these niggas broke
Wow a nigga swag stupid like woah
Get dumb on the beat like Larry canny brand freeze my neck so cold

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