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You Are My Dreamer Lyrics
You are my dreamer

You are my candle in the dark

You are the holder of such a warm and precious

Spark of love within you

You make my seagull heart just fly

You are my dreamer

My bright tomorrow

And I will love you ?til I die

You may be quiet

But I can hear your warm heart sing

You are a jewel

And worth the ransom of a king

And all his kingdom

If you were gone what would I do?

Without my dreamer

I would have nothing-

No one to give my dreaming to

If you can hear me

Then you will know this song?s for you

?cause when you?re near me

I can be sure that you are true and understanding

A gentle harbor in the storm

So undemanding and full of sunshine

You keep my heart so safe and warm

You are my dream in human form


I know your love will see me through

My gentle dreamer

You are my song now

The one I give my dreaming to

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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