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The Wild Geese Lyrics
Chorus: The wild geese are flying out on a bright wind

And never again will their songs fill our skies

They've taken their magic and grace from our seeing

And followed the dark in their eyes

1.The wild gypsy geese in a thousand sad cities

Heard tales of a chance to fly from their tears

Out on a sun-breeze in a dark Ban-sidhe wailing

A journey of more than one hundred light years

2.The wild gypsy geese like some star-haunted pilgrims

By ones and by twos all flew to the field

They knew they would fight to the last if they had to

That every dark hunger might somehow be healed

3.And though they were strangers they shared a wild dreaming

And meeting that first time they knew at a glance

Without any planning, by some magic signal

They captured the ship that would see the stars dance

4.And out on the sun-wind they flew in their rapture

With never a thought to the world left behind

The poets, the singers, the dreamers, the mystics

The few who could see among so many blind

5.And every gosling they birthed on the star-ship

Was heir to the wild streak that drove them all on

And still the dark dream and a wild Ban-sidhe wailing

Would haunt all their sleep in that night without dawn

6.And somewhere between the gold star that they came from

And one more unseen at the end of their flight

They lost their last yearning for somewhere to settle

And chased the wild wailing across a dark night

7.The wild geese are flying on sun-colored feathers

In black velvet seas beyond galaxy's shore

The wild geese with all of our dreams in their pockets

Are winging away to forever and more

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1984 Kathy Mar
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