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The Further Adventures of Starsinger Lyrics
Well it's years since [Tallow?] died and I continued on alone

With the sassiest computer that this galaxy has known

It critiques my words and music, and rewrites my favorite jokes

But it moves so slow we've only made it up and down two spokes

And the rim worlds're lovely though they are so poor it hardly


And their cities are so far and few we wander lost for days.

And I should have set up closer to the spaceport

But the spacers think that makes me open game

They all think they are god's gift to every woman

And they're surprised to find I just don't feel the same.

Well I think that where I'm sitting is the corner of the street

I have been here for an hour watching all the passing feet

I've been singing all my best new songs and all the standards too

>From SF to folk to rock to something borrowed something blue

And my hat is full but I'm not sure if it is food or cash

For all I know it just might be the place they put their trash.

And I should have set up closer to the spaceport

But the spacers are so drunk they're all but numb.

They ask for "Banned from Argo," "Melancholy Baby,"

And the one that goes, "da dum da dum da dum."

Well I'm thinking about giving up this roving life of mine

And going back to where the tips and crowds are always fine

And I'll sing out on the corners on the planet of my birth

'Cause I've heard my stuff is still for sale most everywhere on


And I'll be a local songbird, not a wild goose out in space

Cause I've found my favorite audience is still the human race.

And I'll set up on the corners at the spaceport

And relieve the spacers of their surplus pay

And whenever some slick fool tempts me to wander

I'll just tell him that I'd really rather stay.

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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