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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Television Lovers Lyrics
Television lovers never cry
When the scene is over they just wipe the pain away
When they make you weary you can turn the volume down
When it's all too scary you can watch another station
Television lovers never lie
All their lines are true as far as anyone expects
Everyone can see they are not touched by what is real
When they wash away the blood there is no wound behind it
Television lovers never die

Bridge: From the inside I'm electric living loving all the while
Crying when the torment touches laughing, giving you my smile
Then you change all my controls or turn me off and go to sleep
Nothing I can scream will reach you, all my channels run too deep
Still you miss the cuts and slashes, some of them were made by you
Do you think I fake the ashes in my eyes?
Are they lies? Some disguise?

Would you be my television lover
Would you learn to silence what you feel at my command
I would like to be the televiewer for a while
You can be the one to wait and I will change the stations
Television lovers are such fun
Each of us can be one if we really want to try
We can be anonymous performers on a screen
If we all can learn to wash our feelings off like greasepaint
Television living has begun
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