Kathy Mar - Starsinger Lyrics

Kathy Mar Lyrics

Starsinger Lyrics
Starsinger sat on a streetcorner singing

Thinking no further than bills paid and dinner

Met with a starry-eyed tall-tale spinner

Who gave her a message that sent her heart winging

Chorus: Starsinger they wait for your songs

Out on that wide milky highway you see

Starsinger they'll all sing along

Come out to the starlanes with me

Teller of tales and his gypsy computer

Plotted a path from the hub to the core stars

Then down each spoke till there weren't any more stars

Left with a streetcorner she thought would suit her


Teller was lost in a deep crystal canyon

Starsinger grieved but her journey was calling

Wrote up a song to remember his falling

And went on with her gypsy computer companion


Often his melody wanders through her head

Often his memory walks in her dreaming

Catches the spark in his eyes softly gleaming

Catches the lilt in his voice as he first said


Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1984 Kathy Mar
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