Kathy Mar - Starship And Haiku Lyrics

Kathy Mar Lyrics

Starship And Haiku Lyrics
I am the flaw in the tea-bowl

I will not dance death

I will not lie down here in peace

And release my last breath

All of our hopes have been cast on the reefs and are gone

Still my salt blood reaches out for the sky

Still my warm song touches notes clear and high

Outward I go and I know I will fly a new dawn

Chorus: Starship and Haiku

Dying hate and living love

Reach beyond our sin

Starship and Haiku

One last flawed reminder of

All we might have been

I am a discord in deathsong I cannot be still

I am an infinite paean a permanent trill

I am a leap to the stars I am song to the sky

Always I shun the bleak burial grounds

Always I listen for life's vibrant sounds

Always my hollow-reed heartbeat resounds with its cry


Repeat Verse 1

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1984 Kathy Mar
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