Kathy Mar - Song of a Dryad Lyrics

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Song of a Dryad Lyrics
Old companion I know you are dying

I feel the dark moment rise up through your core

All your leaves die and your branches are bare

And I fear if I sleep I'll awaken no more

Chorus: Oh, you have been a great-hearted friend

How we have peacefully travelled the years

Now a soft counterpoint fills all my dreams

The fall of your leaves and the fall of my tears

Old companion I wakened this morning

And felt a sad emptiness where you had been

I was alone; lost in my grief for you

Missing your touch so much loser than kin

Old companion I found in your shadow

One of the striplings that came from your seed

Will he flourish feeding on all you were

Will his young heart be the home that I need

New companion pardon my tears awhile

I will grow happier over the years

As we grow close time will be good to us

Granting us centuries yet without fears

Chorus: Oh and he was a great-hearted friend

Peacefully sharing my life 'til today

Now he is only alive in my memory

All else he was will soon crumble away

First chorus

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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