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Shai Hulud Lyrics
Chorus: Shai Hulud, send me a great worm, send me the courage to ride it well
Shai Hulud, send me way to change the nightmare that Spice foretells
Shai Hulud, give me a new way, and vengeance for all who died
Shai Hulud, give me worm to ride

My homeworld was a water dream that I had left behind
Arrakis and the Spice had filled the corners of my mind
My mother was beside me, Father's ring was in my hand
I started up the drumming and we crossed the desert sand

I learned the ways of Fremen, and I taught them mine as well
We trained an army twice as fierce as any spawned in Hell
I had to prove my manhood if I wished to hold command
So I started up the drumming and I waited, hook in hand


I've drunk the Maker's waters, and I've searched each future path
And nothing in those visions can prevent the days of wrath
So I gather up the army for a final bloody stand
And we start the thumper drumming, and we ride across the sand

The tales and songs will live beyond the ending of my days
But all that I have felt and loved will pass too soon away
I'll walk into my future knowing every step by heart
And none will ever guess how much I dread to play my part

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