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Remembrance Lyrics
We gather in a quiet room

To sing our hopeful tunes

And all of us have something to be sharing

We speak the stars or summon tears

Or make each other smile

And every song shows signs of someone's caring

We wander through each others worlds

And trades desires and dreams

And show each other stars to wish upon

And then by ones and twos

We slip away off to our beds

Yet something magic happens near the dawn

Chrous: Just the few who have lasted

Till the day begins again

Turn to family and friends

With a soft "remember when..."

And I talk about the flower years

That made me what I am

And all of you

Share your remembrance too

Verse: A D G A A D E A

G Bm E7 A G B M E7 A

Chrous: D G A D D G A D

One woman shares her grieving

For the loved ones she has lost

And shyly speaks of her new special someone

A gentle man can talk about

A father who has died

And how someday he hopes he can become one

And all the quiet listeners

Who have no songs to share

Will offer you the moments of their lives

Like jewels that are priceless

They will give you all their fears

And gems of all the courage that survives

It's so hard when sleep is calling

To remain for one more song

And the memories that always follow after

And I've often slipped away myself

Before those early hours

And missed out on the sharing and the laughter

But one thought can console me

As I wander to my bed

So long before the singing circle ends

I know I'll try again and maybe

Last until the dawn

When the crowd becomes the faces of my friends

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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