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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Polyphemus Lyrics
I sit in a darkness more deep than my cave

And curse the bold hero who gave me my grave

For no one will fear when they see this blind fool

To leave me alive was a torment most cruel

Chorus: I once was a Giant, but now I'm a craven

My dirge is the song of white sheep and black raven

I curse the brave man who would not stand and fight

But who gave me to death when he put out my sight

He sharpened my stick while I slept unafraid

Then burned it red-hot in the fire I had made

He stabbed it down into my eyelid so deep

He robbed me of sight as he robbed me of sleep

My sheep when to pasture and never returned

The coals are so cold where my bonfire once burned

I hear the birds call as the night gathers near

And folds me in silence as deep as my fear

I sit in the cold and the night of the blind

And curse that foul captain and all man-unkind

I pray he will wander as I never can

And wish for the sight of his own kin and clan

The sheep on the hillsides call lost in the night

They cannot be gathered by one without sight

The ravens are waiting on branches nearby

To pluck at my bones when I lay down and die

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1986 Kathy Mar
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