Kathy Mar - Pied Piper Lyrics

Kathy Mar Lyrics

Pied Piper Lyrics
Chorus: Insidiously they stand

In rows of color and light

Incredibly they demand

And get our precious quarters

And all the while, addicting us,

We hardly even fight

As they march us to our bankruptcy

Like lambs unto the slaughter

It all began with Pong and we should have stopped it then

These crazy games were never meant for mortal women and men

The harder that we try and the longer that we play

The lowe goes the wherewithal to live from day to day

In every city and town and each suburban mall

The video game arcade puts out its sweet seductive call

And all the kids around and droves of adult bands

Come marching to their pipers call with money in their hands

It's aliens I'm sure or else a Commie plot

To clean us out and wear us down and turn our brains to rot

I fight it more than most 'cause I know I never win

But that call creeps out to get me and I drop my quarter in

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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