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Orion Lyrics
I saw a falling star come down

It flashed across Orion

And in less time than it took to fade

I found that I was cryin?

I was travelling to a last goodbye

Unsure of what to feel

But that teardrop of light

In the winter sky (hold)

Made the whole thing much more real


(and) oh where are you now

When I need you again?

And oh, where did you go?

Time has freed you from the pain

In all the other lives we?ve shared

Our time was even shorter

Of love and life we built a bridge

And music was the mortar

We were travelling in a world of song

Recording what we learned

But the two of us climbed to the mountain?s peak

And yet only one returned

So now I say a last farewell

And head out toward Orion

There are places in the heart of me

That feel like they are dyin?

We are travelling on the wheel of life

Unsure of who we are

But I?ll know you next time

By your eyes that shine

With the light of that distant star

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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