Kathy Mar - One Night Stand Lyrics

Kathy Mar Lyrics

One Night Stand Lyrics
If the love that I could give

Is too much for you to live with

Love is something positive with time and space for all

I could be content with less I don't need you to possess

Just one passing sweet caress before the shadows fall

I would be a one-night stand

If that's all that you could hand me

You may never understand me yet I love you still

I don't think you'll always stay

That's not like you anyway

It's enough we have today these empty hearts to fill

So if we can be content

With the time that fate has sent us

Then what is there to prevent us loving wise and well

We are blessed with little time

To play our little pantomime

To fill our lives with dance and rhyme

And cast a loving spell

And cast a loving spell

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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