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Kathy Mar Lyrics

No Heroes Lyrics
Chorus: We are not the heroes, all the words we say can never change it
We are not the heroes, rewrite history or rearrange it
We are not 'the white hats', they are not 'the black'
And none of us on either side can save our children
On the day that we attack

I watch my babies sleeping, and they are barely two
They look out on a universe that's magical and new
I sit here and imagine, in this smug, heroic nation
What my children will look like next year
As they die of radiation

We all move our missiles closer to our enemies, until
We are forced to use computers to decide just when to kill
But computers have no judgement, or no love or hope or fear
So mistakes are that much easier
And nightmares cluster near


I do not sing of spirits, so you're probably not scared
You couldn't do a thing about it, even if you cared
You are helpless pawns of masters, or you're blind and deaf and dumb
And you're also not responsible ("all so" ? - C. ;-) )
For what surely has to come

Some are dying of diseases, so we're proud that we're not ill
If we cannot push the button, it's not our fault bombs can kill
Though we never reach to help, we didn't make the stumbler fall
When our children feel the atom's kiss
We'll share no blame at all

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