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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Lucky Charm Lyrics
I was living in a dream

That I mostly still believe in

And the love I chose to give

And the love I got were even

Then my balance was upset

By an unexpected harm

I was taken by surprise

When I lost my lucky charm

It was early in the spring

When my life was changed to winter

And my sanity and hope

Had begun to crack and splinter

Now I'm living on reserves

Of the dreams I kept inside me

And when all of them are gone

It will leave a hole to hide me

I have reached to friends for help

But my need has kept them distant

And the bitter tide grows high

But my foolish dream's persistent

And it's easier for me to run

Than to watch them pull away

I would give my world of friends

To have my lucky charm today

My little lucky charm

Is a little hill of ashes

And all that's left behind

Is a chain of painful flashes

And the friends who turn their backs

Are a lesson I'll never learn

And my little lucky charm

Will never return

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1984 Kathy Mar
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