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Legend Lyrics
The unicorn to the dragon said,

"Our time is nearly done,

And we shall follow the breath of the dead

To a world with a crimson sun."

"The maids shall mourn your passing then."

The dragon spoke in turn.

"And new little boys and full-grown men

Shall long to see me burn."

Chorus: Where did the legends come from

Before they reached our star

And will we be legends when we have gone

Where all of our legends are

The sun came up on an empty hill,

And every myth was gone;

But all the legends are haunting us still

Each night from dusk to dawn.

For on the night when the visions fled

Beyond the skies of coal,

The first man lifted his wondering head,

And thought the stars his goal.


And when we've traveled an endless run

Of planets near and far

We may chance to discover the crimson sun

Where all of our legends are


Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1982 Kathy Mar
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