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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Lady Ellen Lyrics
Lady Ellen wandered in the quiet wood

Pondering the suitors for her hand

Wishing for a life alone and yet, with love,

Bending to her father's one command

All at once a rustle and a sweet perfume

Filled the little meadow where she stood

All at once a silver silken unicorn

Took a dainty step out of the wood

Lady Ellen gasped and took a trembling step

Reaching out in timid quaking grace

Quivering, the unicorn stepped forward too

Quiet terror showing on its face

And in one light touch their spirits joined and sang

Sharing their unspoken thoughts and fears

Lady Ellen gazed into the midnight eyes

Losing, in that look, one thousand years

Lady Ellen wanders in the city streets

Staring at the traffic and the light

Looking for a unicorn that disappeared

And left her in this lonely future night

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1982 Kathy Mar
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