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Jealous of Your Time Lyrics
I'm not afraid to share you with the world

I know I am a rhythm to your rhyme

I'm not jealous of the love you have for anybody else

I'm only jealous of your time

I'm not so insecure I cannot share

That special you I know is so sublime

I'm not jealous that you give yourself to those you grow to love

I'm only jealous of your time

Bridge: We'll have to live forever and that might not be enough

To give us time to just explore the world of our new love

But when the world can claim you for so much time every day

I'm jealous of your sleep and all you love so deep

Your work and all that keeps you away

I don't think you should turn from those you love

As surely as I shouldn't turn from mine

And we never will be jealous of the lives we choose to live

We may be jealous of our time

Coda: But that is no surprise I always miss your eyes

I know you miss me too but we can see this through

I'm only jealous of...I cannot get enough...

I'm only jealous of your time

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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