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I Drink Your Eyes Lyrics
I drink your eyes;

They drown me as I drink.

My catch-breath heart

Begins to twirl and sink.

The blood-fire dance begins,

In tempest-touch we mesh.

Your flaming fingertips

Caress my fire-flesh.

I drink your eyes;

In drunken love I sway.

Our bodies share

The clamor of the clay;

And, like a butterfly,

I'm pinned beneath your gaze.

I reach to touch your mouth,

And all my senses blaze.

Bridge: Flash-paper song,

Born of the skin,

Sings to the soul

Sighing within.

Flash-paper peak,

Lost in a cry,

Burning to live;

Learning to die.

I drink your eyes

In after-golden-glow.

The blood-fire cools.

The dance begins to slow.

It does not end at all:

Your eyes fill for my thirst.

Each tempest-touch and kiss

Is like the very first.

Instrumental (4 lines)

I cup your face.

My mouth to lash-brim flies.

The timeless dance begin.

I drink your eyes.

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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