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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Ice Lyrics
Oh, my friend, I must admit I understand too well

How you can write such tender songs and wear that diamond shell

I see it happen far too much in this bleak world of ice

That those of us once burned by touch do not attempt it twice

Standing straight and forward on the fortress of the stage

You etch emotion on my heart, and turn another page

And though the songs are warm enough they never melt the snow

That gathers in your eyes each time that you step down to go

I know it doesn't matter, but I like you best without

The shards of ice that pull and prod and tear your feelings out

The glitter of your witty words that only slips away

Each time a spotlight melts your heart, and you begin to play

One day will it happen when I least expect it to

That ices will creep up on me and turn my feelings blue

And crystallize the patterns of my dealings with my friends

Is that the way this journey I am taking always ends

Verse 1

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1982 Kathy Mar
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