Kathy Mar - I Am the Locust Lyrics

Kathy Mar Lyrics

I Am the Locust Lyrics
I am the locust and I tell the quiet lies

To ageless gentle children with sparkle in their eyes

And all the while She watches and waits her monstrous chance

To terminate the dreaming in all our song and dance

Chorus: The quiet lies of dreaming

Remain in spite of time

And all her evil scheming

Cannot cull the magic rhyme

I am the locust and I sing the locust song

Sing along

People laughing, breathing, turn to robots as I watch

And isolation claims them as they shrink from human touch

And She has many victories but still my lies live on

And they will grow and flourish when her dark machine has gone

Each generation brings the ones with sparkle eyes

The children She has not suborned with all her glib replies

And some day when the ones who dream rise up to take their stand

The children of the locust will bring magic to the land


Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1984 Kathy Mar
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