Kathy Mar - Goodbye To Sol And Terra Lyrics

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Goodbye To Sol And Terra Lyrics
I've been to the rim and the galaxy's core

And planets unnumbered I've seen in my questing

At times I was sure I would never be resting

And all of that time I was asking "What for?"

I left as a youth and I wandered the stars

Feeling a pull that I chose to ignore

Knowing full well there was something much more

Than all of the wonders I saw in the sky

I called as I left here before

Chorus: Goodbye to Sol and Terra

Farewell to moonlight and sand

Deep greens and blues

Are the colors you use

To haunt me wherever I land

In ways that I don't understand

And always the image of one golden day

And one shade of blue in the sky and the ocean

Would stir in my mind like a sorcerer's potion

And then I'd raise planet and wander away

Worlds without number I'd visit and leave

Then one of them finally urged me to stay

I heard my own soul in the trees and the clay

I'd come the full circle and found my way home

And I knew I would nevermore say


Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1984 Kathy Mar
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