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Fly To The Light Lyrics
Nick was a golden child

Loved by a Muse

With many more talents

Than one man could use

But perched on his shoulder

With talons in bone

Was a raven of sorrow

As heavy as stone

Try as he might

The cold weight of that bird

Held him in bondage

And coloured each word

And though his gaze traveled

As high as the stars

The bleak touch of talons

Became prison bars

The call of the music

Was strong in his soul

He shot toward the heavens

His eyes on his goal

But heroes get weary,

And heartache is strong

And few men can conquer

The raven's dark song

He fell in a slumber

And into the earth

The root of a fruit tree

Of infinite worth

And thirty years after

It blossomed and bore

A fruit that is nectar

From skin to the core

The raven of sorrow

Is feeding tonight

On a branch of that fruit tree

And dreaming of flight

But bound to the branches

In sorrow it sings

And the soul of that fruit tree

Has stolen its wings

Chorus: Look to the stars

Fly to the light

Leave the dark raven

Alone in the night

Soar with your Muses

On shining black wings

Away from the places

Where sorrow still sings

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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