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Do Something Lyrics
So congratulations, you look to the stars

A collective pat on your backs

But thousands of you will sit there and dream

For every good dreamer who acts

Watching Star Wars a dozen times

Just won't get us into space

And if that's the best we can do, my friend

It's the end for the human race

Chorus: It's time to stop dreaming

And time to start doing

It's time to stop playing and plan

With generals' scheming

And bureaucrats stewing

They'll kill all our dreams if they can

At the wild conventions you party and play

And you sing all night of the stars

But we probably could have bought our own ship

On just what you spend in the bars

Government funds won't get us wings

If they all get cut to the bone

If we don't write letters and work for those stars

We may live here and die here alone

I suppose we could hope that someone out there

Will appear and make it all right

Or carry a few of the chosen away

To the edges of infinite night

But after all why should they care

If we reach our goals or not

And if no one is willing to try we deserve

To be stuck in this backwater spot

Now you're probably angry at all that I've said

And you probably have the right

But I'd love to see us all reach for the stars

As we reach for these songs tonight

Now I love the fact that you like my tunes

And I hope you'll always care

But I'm waiting still for the day when I

Can be singing my songs out there

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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