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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Dancing On a Clock Lyrics
All my deepest feelings are naked to your eyes.

You do not answer.

All my song and bluster can never quite disguise

The timid dancer.

Chorus: Dancing on a clock, clinging to a rock

Of sweet emotion

I am just a lock

You are just the key made to open me.

Once I had a lover much older than today,

Young as tomorrow:

Opened every portal and then went on his way.

My song is sorrow.


Bridge: And now I see a world to explore

Beyond your eyes.I am afraid.

Somehow I feel like giving you more,

And yet, my tries are left unmade.

My enthusiasm has frightened some before;

I now expect it.

If you can take my giving, I ask for nothing more.

Please, don't reject it.



Verse 1


I am just a lock

You are just the key, will you open me?

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar
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