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Chick Joke Lyrics
It was the regular Tuesday luncheon

The ladies had raised a glass or two

And the talk was a little louder

And the gossip fairly flew

When a tall and beautiful

Blue-eyed blond young man

Sat down nearby

And every single lady

At the table... gave a sigh

But there was one who kept on staring

Just like a dieter at cake

And her friends tried to ignore her

Sure it was a big mistake

Till the gorgeous blond Adonis

Met her eyes and made her blush

And when he'd walked on over

Started speaking... in that hush

If you have a hundred dollars

And you will give that sum to me

I will do whatever thing you ask

No matter what it may be

No matter how strange or kinky

No problem perverse, or just absurd

With only this one condition

You must say it... in three words

The lady pulled out a crisp new bill

As she thought of what he said

And laid it on his open palm

Like a blanket on a bed

And the whole damn restaurant

Held its breath

As still as any mouse

And in that silence she spoke these words

... "Clean my house"

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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