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Kathy Mar Lyrics

Bhigg House Lyrics
These are the steps that Ruth built

Loving kindness in each nail

Planks that never trip the feet

Lead you from the shady street

Or the winter's gale

Behind the bright red door

Across a smooth wood floor

Strewn with seas of scattered shoes

The music sweet and clear

Delighful to your ear

Siren's song you can't refuse

This is the band that Dave built

Song that spills into the town

Joy and hope in every note

Melodies that seem to float

Up the stairs and down

And a whirlwind of Elizabeth

To blow an order on the chaos

Warm as any southern zephyr

Welcome as the sun in spring

The magic of a giving heart

That beats a rhythm for the household

Rippling like golden water

Through the music that they sing

This is the house that love built

Love and music hope and soul

Come and share it and renew

Carry it away with you

To keep your spirit whole

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar
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