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Intentions Lyrics
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Intentions Info:

• “Intentions” is a song by Justin Bieber featuring Quavo. From his fifth studio album Changes.

• When asked why he named this song “Intentions” during MTV Fresh Out, Justin said “I think a lot of us forget to set intentions. As humans we get caught up in our everyday worries and struggles. What we set our intentions on makes a difference on the outcome of our life and the quality of life that we live.”

• Paparazzi and Instagram/Snapchat stories revealed that he was shooting a music video for the song on January 24, 2020.

• Justin Bieber wanted to shine a light on social issues that are happening in the world that people are often overlooking. He just wanted to make people aware of the hurting and broken people that are suffering in humanity.

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Feb. 7, 2020



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